No need for mascara when you have these babies

After spending just an hour, I realized the benefits of eyelash extensions. There was no need to apply mascara every morning anymore, it’s waterproof, and my eyes looked gorgeous. What more does a girl need?

The Urban Doll specializes in quality eyelash extensions in Stirling. We offer each client a seamless eyelash application, attaching each strand to each natural lash allowing for an ultimate natural look. The lash extension procedure is so relaxing that most of our clients fall asleep. Many wake up stunned to see how fabulous their new lashes look. We promise you will love your new lashes.

Long Lasting

Our semi-permanent and long-lasting eyelash extensions that are applied to your own natural lashes on average will last 4-6 weeks. To keep your lashes looking fuller and fabulous, it is recommended to have them infilled every 2-3 weeks.

For Everyday Wear

Our eyelash extensions will not only save the time of putting on makeup, it will also save the time needed for removing your makeup. After getting your lashes done at Urban Doll, you’ll find it extremely convenient to not need to apply mascara every morning anymore. Work out in the gym, getting caught in the rain or tears at your best friend’s wedding won’t affect your lashes, instead, it will make you look fabulous.

Natural look

Our extensions will enhance the length and volume of your natural eyelashes. We will apply eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, one by one, with great precision to give your lashes that natural look.